From a full range of sizes to unique flavors no one else offers, we have a sweet solution for your every need.

Our gourmet crispy bars and brownies come in a variety of sizes and are available in trays and individually wrapped. Just thaw and serve, and your customers will think they’re homemade.

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  • Crispy Bars
  • Brownies

This all-American favorite is made with the buttery goodness and crispy rice customers love. Better yet, they’re convenient and ready-to-sell – just thaw and serve.

  • Best Maid Crispy Bars

    Available in trays, slabs, bites and individually wrapped as well as sheets, our gourmet crispy bars are perfect for parties and catering.


    Made with sweet cream butter, velvety marshmallows and crisped rice, you can’t go wrong with this all-American favorite.

    Peanut Butter

    We took creamy peanut butter, blended it with crisped rice and topped it off with chocolate butterscotch icing. That’s delicious times three.

    Birthday Cake

    Your customers will love the frosting-and-sprinkles birthday twist we put on their favorite childhood treat.

    Chocolate Marshmallow

    It doesn’t get any better than blending our chocolate-flavored crisped rice with sweet cream butter and marshmallow. Except when we add whole marshmallows and chocolatey chips.

    Cotton Candy

    The mouthwatering sweet flavor of cotton candy mixed with crisped rice, sweet cream butter and marshmallows topped with brightly colored sprinkles to resemble the delicious fair favorite.


    Multi-colored, fruit-flavored crisped rice and marshmallows make this a favorite for kids of all ages.

    Marshmallow made with M&M’S® Candies

    We blended our sweet cream butter and marshmallow with crisped rice cereal, whole marshmallows and real M&M’S® candies.

    Mini Marshmallow

    Crisped rice cereal and whole pieces of mini marshmallows are combined to create a creamy, buttery marshmallow fusion.


    A decadent base of creamy peanut butter is blended with crisped rice cereal, topped with M&M’S® candies and peanuts, then brought to perfection with a light drizzle of chocolate flavored icing.

    Sea Salt Caramel

    Mixed with sea salt, caramel bits and marshmallow pieces, we took our traditional crispy bar recipe and made it nearly impossible for customers to resist.


    Combines fruity flavored, multi-colored crisped rice cereal with velvety marshmallows and real butter, then is topped with a white drizzle and mini marshmallows. The perfect sweet snack for when something different is exactly what you want!

  • Best Maid Individually Wrapped Crispy Bars

    All the homemade deliciousness of our gourmet crispy bars – individually wrapped for customer convenience and easy impulse purchases. Perfect for restaurants, delis, convenience stores and vending machines.

  • Angela Marie's Crispy Marshmallow Goodies

    Available in retail ready clamshells, these crisped rice bars are everything a sweet snack should be. We begin with classic flavors then add fun ingredients and toppings making them nearly impossible for customers to resist.


    This classic treat of creamy marshmallow and crisp rice is a hit among both kids and adults.


    The goodness of our Original Marshmallow Goodies come ready to enjoy, festively decorated with colorful sprinkles.

  • Angela Marie's Individually Wrapped Crispy Marshmallow Goodies

    Crispy and irresistible, these marshmallow and crisped rice bars come individually wrapped for convenience and Grab and Go purchases.

Brownies just like grandma used to make – that’s what customers love about our chocolatey-delicious recipes. Going above and beyond to meet your every need, we think you’re going to love them too.

  • Best Maid Baked Brownies

    Made with the freshest ingredients, it’s hard to resist the homemade flavor of our brownies. They come in sheets, perfect for parties and catering. Just thaw, serve and that chocolatey goodness is ready to go.

    Frosted Brownie

    Rich and enticing, we top our chewy fudge brownies with creamy chocolate-fudge frosting.

    Brownie with Drizzle

    How do we make our rich, chewy fudge brownie even better? Sprinkle real chocolate chunks and drizzle chocolate icing on top.

    Magic Brownie

    This rich fudge brownie base is topped with a “magic” layer of chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and coconut.

  • South Coast Brownie Dough

    Whether you’re looking for massive quantity, co-manufactured custom recipe production, or a great brownie to use as your in-house brand, South Coast Baking can deliver the goods.

  • Individually Wrapped Brownies

    All the homemade deliciousness of our gourmet brownies – individually wrapped for customer convenience and easy impulse purchases. Perfect for restaurants, delis, convenience stores and vending machines.