Whether you’re looking for a glaze that delivers maximum yield, extended shelf life, freeze-thaw stability, or a delicious honey flavor, we have the perfect glaze to meet your needs. Our broad portfolio of dependable glazes offers the perfect finish for your latest creation.

Donut Glazes
Pastry & Fruit Glazes

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Our donut glazes are best-in-class and are known for being dependable, repeatable, and easy to use. Our vast assortment of crack-resistant glazes delivers maximum yield and remains pliable and smooth, allowing your creation to shine through.

Features & Benefits

  • Ready-to-use, heat-and-apply, and concentrate formats available
  • Offered in pails and drums
  • High clarity and transparent
  • Crack and peel resistant

We make your bakery goods shine! Our pastry and fruit glazes deliver a long-lasting, glossy finish, and can be used on many products throughout your bakery.

Features & Benefits

  • Ready-to-use and heat-and-apply formats available
  • Offered in pouches and pails
  • Glossy, non-fading sheen
  • Pliable and smooth

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