Cake is at the heart of your customers most important life celebrations, and we have a broad portfolio that allows you to create just the right offering. With capabilities from uniced cake layers and cupcakes to base iced to fully decorated celebration and dessert cakes, we can help you build the perfect cake program that matches your available labor and creates a cake destination for your customers.

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Our cake batters allow you the flexibility to create signature offerings while also providing the dependability you need to deliver consistent quality products.

Features & Benefits

  • Scoop-and-bake convenience
  • Offered in pails
  • Core flavors
  • Provides flexibility to be innovative and unique


With a comprehensive portfolio of flavors and sizes, we offer the cake and cupcake components you need to create a unique cake program that draws consumers year-round. Our uniced cake layers and cupcakes are tender, creating the perfect texture that will keep your customers coming back for all their special occasions.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully-baked, ready-to-finish convenience
  • Conventional bulk packaging
  • Offered in cake rounds, cake sheets, and cupcakes
  • Broad range of core cake flavors

Our base iced and fully decorated celebration and dessert cakes offer efficiency and consistency, allowing you to display a complete cake offering without compromising quality. Each of our fully decorated cakes is expertly designed and manufactured with our state-of-the-art decorating equipment, helping you to keep your cake cases stocked.

Features & Benefits

  • Thaw-and-sell convenience
  • Offered in sheets and rounds
  • Fully decorated packaged in base and dome
  • Base iced available

Our retail-ready sliced loaf cakes are formulated to have an irresistibly tender texture and are offered in a variety of classic and seasonal flavors making everyday occasions anything but ordinary.

Features & Benefits

  • Thaw-and-sell convenience
  • Offered in retail-ready sliced loaves, iced or uniced
  • Complete everyday and seasonal portfolio

Guaranteed to be a staple in your bakery, our fully baked Bundt and ring cakes are offered in a variety of flavors to provide a versatile solution for everyday and special occasions. Our fluted, uniced Bundt cakes can be finished at store level while our ring cakes come fully finished and retail-ready.

Features & Benefits

  • Thaw-and-sell convenience
  • Packaged in base and dome
  • Classic flavors and sizes available

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