Whether you’re looking for a French baguette with a crunchy crust, a sourdough loaf or ciabatta rolls, our bread portfolio has you covered. We pride ourselves on using authentic baking practices that deliver quality and convenience.


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Our artisan baguettes, loaves and ciabatta are baked in small batches using natural starters and superior ingredients. Crafted with time-honored European techniques, we inspire delicious traditions that keep your customers coming back.

Features & Benefits

  • Thaw-and-sell convenience
  • Offered in bulk and retail ready options
  • Available in baguettes, loaves and ciabatta
  • Inspired by classical French training

From sweet to savory, our convenient thaw and bake rolls provide you the convenience of offering your customers the perfect dinner bread selection.

Features & Benefits

  • Thaw-and-bake convenience
  • Offered in bulk packaging


Our line of specialty breads offers a delicious alternative to the conventional, made with traditional production processes that provide authentic taste with less labor.

Features & Benefits

  • Thaw-and-sell convenience
  • Offered in retail-ready packaging

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