With the finest ingredients and proprietary panning solutions, our baked cookies, cookie dough pucks and Scoop-N-Bake® cookie dough come in various sizes and flavors. No matter your operations format, we help you offer irresistible cookies your customers will crave.

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Our deliciously chewy and perfectly baked cookies make your life a lot easier. Whether you need an individually wrapped option, want to fill a bakery case, or create different packages, we have a variety of sizes, flavors and shapes.

Features & Benefits

  • Thaw-and-sell convenience
  • Offered in bulk, retail ready and individually wrapped options
  • Variety of sizes and flavors

It’s hard for your customers to say no to the delicious aroma of fresh baked cookies. From our signature bulk packaging to our innovative, Fast Pan™ solutions, our cookie dough puck portfolio covers the flavors and shapes that will align with your operating and flavor needs.

Features & Benefits

  • Ready-to-bake convenience
  • Offered in conventional bulk packaging or exclusive Fast Pan® system
  • Sizes range from mini to everyday to gourmet
  • Pre-portioned for your convenience



Whether you want flexibility to create custom sizes and shapes or like to invent new flavors by incorporating different inclusions, our Scoop-N-Bake® cookie dough offers you the versatility to craft unique cookie offerings. Simply scoop and bake!

Features & Benefits

  • Ready-to-bake convenience
  • Offered in pails
  • Used for a wide variety of applications


Whether your customers are celebrating special occasions or are looking for an everyday treat, message cookies are always a crowd favorite. Packaged in bakeable trays with clear domes, our message cookies come in both pre-baked and ready-to-bake formats for convenience.

Features & Benefits

  • Ready-to-bake and ready-to-finish convenience
  • Offered in a variety of pre-cut shapes
  • Produced in bakeable trays and packed with lids


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